The people behind Hope for Paws are true heroes for animals. The Hope for Paws team has been a leader in helping to solve the stray dog crisis in Los Angeles and they are always willing to go above and beyond to save dogs that others can’t or simply are not willing to. And we have yet another amazing rescue story to share with you.

When Hopes for Paws received a call about a Pit Bull who had been hit by a car, they rushed to the scene. Thankfully, Sonja Flores stayed with the dog until rescuers arrived.

The Pit Bull was huddled underneath a car and was understandably terrified. Luckily, they were able to get a gentle snare around her and direct her out of harm’s way.

Once safely out from under the car, the rescue team used a towel to see how the dog, now named Jezebel would react to touch. The poor girl was in a lot of pain and continued to growl, so she was transported back to the hospital in a cage. X-rays showed that Jezebel didn’t have any broken bones, thankfully, but did have a lot of bruising. After receiving pain medication, the sweet pup started to open up. Check out the above video to see how sweet Jezebel is now that she knows she is in safe hands!

Hope for Paws wanted Jezebel to become a breed ambassador, to help dispel the myth of Pit Bulls being vicious animals, so she recently completed training with Farren Mahone. Now Jezebel is ready for her forever home!

If you or someone you know is interested in this gal, please go to Let’s find this sweetheart the loving home she deserves!

To help Hope For Paws continue to save lives, you can donate via their website. Any amount helps!