Technology is so. flipping. cool. We’re talking 3D-printing-a-new-beak cool.

Gigi, the macaw in this video, had a rare medication condition, where her beak would not stop growing. Because of this unfortunate disease, Gigi’s beak was so deformed that she couldn’t eat solid foods. Luckily, however, a medical and tech team came together to create the world’s first prosthetic beak for a macaw.


It is believed that Gigi was rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, so we can only imagine what sort of pain this condition must have caused in her life. But with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of really intelligent people, this all changed for her.

In a Facebook post, team member Cícero Moraes, who shaped the beak, described the excitement of the working together to give this beautiful bird a better life, calling his team “the Avengers.” A huge congratulations to Dr. Roberto Fecchio, Dr. Sergio Camargo, Dr. Rodrigo Rabello, Dr. Matheus Rabello, and the rest of the team for this amazing breakthrough! It’s always remarkable to see technology used to give animals a second chance.