Ever wonder how you can get a bear to laugh? Like, are they fans of jokes? Here’s one: What color socks do bears wear? They don’t wear socks, they have bear feet! Get it…?! Geez, tough crowd. It’s like some people bear-ly have a sense of humor. Yes, we’ll stop.

Okay, so obviously jokes with horrid puns aren’t going to set the bear world aflame comedically, so what is it that makes these moon bears look so darned amused at Animals Asia’s Chinese and Vietnamese sanctuaries? Considering the unlucky start to life that they’ve faced, the bears should be anything but smiling, or so one would think.


Countless moon bears (it’s estimated that there are over 14,000) in parts of Asia are kept in tiny cages, too small to even turn around, in order to be milked for their bile, an additive in traditional Asian medicine. The practice is brutal and bears can be subjected to this deplorable life for as long as 30 years.

All of the beautiful creatures who now live at Animals Asia’s sanctuary have endured this horrific past, and yet, here they are yukking it up with their pals now that they’ve been rescued. Based on a photo series that Animals Asia posted to their Facebook page, it’s obvious that these magnificent creatures have been given a chance at a much better life than the “no-laughing-matter” one they’d been previously assigned. That’s something we can all smile about!

And then…and then I said, “You wanna see a moon? I’ll moon you!” And then I just stood there! 

I mean it man, you come over here and you’re gonna get the tickling of your freaking life.

<Take a good look at his face, now play the sound of Seth Rogen laughing. There’s your awesome image for the day.>

I defy any of you goofballs to come up here and knock me off! I’m King of the Sanctuary!

Wow…I just…the tree is IN the tire. Well, I’ll be…what an exciting time to be alive!

Hey there MTV, welcome to my crib! I wanna start by showing you this sweet, tire swing activity center behind me.

Sometimes sitting in the grass with the sun on your face is all anyone needs to smile.

“Look, look, look! When I shove his skin forward like this, he totally looks like a Shar Pei, bahahaha!”

What? You clearly said, “Let’s table that,” so I got on the freaking table. Make up your mind!

Sometimes I lay here and think about what I would say to anyone who would keep me in a cage, and I go “thrrrrrrpppppppp.”


All image source: Animals Asia/Facebook