Even though there are billions of people all sharing the same planet, we have many differences. We dress differently, speak different languages, and hold different professions. But even still, we are able to coexist. We become friends with one another and form relationships – so why wouldn’t the same apply to the animal kingdom? It may not seem like it in the wild but animals form friendships too. Interspecies friendships show there are no boundaries when it comes to love. Animals don’t pass judgment – whether or not you’re furry or scaly – they all simply want to be loved and cared for.

This story from Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) shows one of the most unlikely interspecies friendships between Jo Jo the long-tailed macaque and Alan the domestic stray cat. Check out these adorable photos!


Tom Taylor, Assistant Director of WFFT told NDTV that Alan had been hanging around the macaque field, but staff only noticed last week Alan interacting with Jo Jo. 

“They spend time up on the platforms in the enclosure, relaxing, sleeping and grooming each other,” Tom noted

WFFT says that even though this isn’t an ideal situation and something that isn’t encouraged, Alan is unharmed and even shares food with the macaques. The feeling is mutual with Jo Jo to loving the company. 



Taylor also said that the WFFT has never seen such a friendship between a monkey and a cat before and they are trying to get more photos of the pair together. We will patiently be waiting for more photos of this beautiful friendship!

Even if it is unlikely, Alan and Jo Jo share a beautiful friendship and their relationship highlights an important message. Despite the bonds we share with our pets, people often overlook the emotional capabilities of other animals. At the end of the day, we’re not all that different from one another and we could all benefit from being more compassionate.

For more photos visit Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand‘s Facebook page.

All image source: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand