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Is there anything sweeter than hearing about a rescued kitty who manages to overcome a difficult start in life, and find peace, friendship and security in a loving forever home? When the cats in question were once feral, with a profound mistrust of humans, the tale of how they learned to open up to their rescuers and allow themselves to be loved could almost bring a tear to your eye.

Prepare to be uplifted by the super-cute antics of Calvin, who first came to his new home as a terrified five-week-old baby. Thanks to the loving care of his guardian – Reddit user Enicknick, who took him in as a foster kitty along with his brother – he has now begun to thrive!

When Calvin first arrived, Enicknick explained, he was very “hissy, sick and scared,” refusing to make friends with anyone. But he has since gone through an incredible transformation!

Enicknick added, “(Calvin and his brother) were so scared when we got them. They were only five weeks old and taken from a hoarding house. I don’t think they had aver been held. … They were sick, semi feral, and too young to be adopted. We decided to keep him. He is now ten and a half months old, super friendly, and a complete love bug.”

This adorable feline now has no problem with demanding the attention he deserves!

Calvin has developed a great love for massages, and doesn’t appreciate it when his hoomans use only one hand instead of both! Enicknick said, “He has mastered the sad face when he sees one hand and not two.”

“Now if you could just bring the other hand over, hooman, that would be purrfect…”

Here he is with his brother Hobbes.

Who could resist snuggle time with these two?

The pair love to stretch out on their humans’ bed together…

… and investigate the thrilling world of carboard boxes!


Calvin also lives with a puppy. Enicknick has described this sweet pooch as “about five percent interested in the cats and 95 percent completely ignorant of their existence in the house.”

No doubt about it … these days, Calvin is living the sweet life.


With so many homeless and at-risk cats and dogs living in the U.S. – while horrendous conditions at many commercial breeding operations continues to run rampant – one of the most generous things you can do is take in one of these homeless animals and give them the love they truly need and deserve. The transformation stories of vulnerable animals like Calvin just go to show that if you are looking for an animal friend with whom to share your life, your home and your heart, the best thing you can do is always: adopt, don’t shop!

All image source: enicknick/Imgur