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Loki was just a little tabby kitten when he was adopted by his forever family. Understandably, the little guy was shy and clung to his human parent for comfort. But when Loki was introduced to the family dog, Okami, the kitten was immediately taken in by his new Pomeranian best friend – and the rest, well, is history. Loki’s human shared the sweet story on Imgur and we just can’t handle all the cuteness.

Loki and Okami became instant pals the first time they met. (Once you nose boop someone, you’re friends for life!)

Okami loved his new feline friend! He would stay by the kitten’s side while he was napping just so he could be there when Loki woke up. 

Okami just couldn’t stop kissing Loki and would always want to clean him. Serious friendship goals.

Okami became very protective of Loki, always watching him to make sure he was okay. And the feeling was definitely mutual! 

Okami and Loki still sleep together, eat together and nap together. The duo are inseparable! 

And like any good friend, Loki doesn’t judge Okami when he gets a haircut. 

Stay adorable, you two!



Loki and Okami are a wonderful example of the power of friendship. Dogs and cats may be portrayed as mortal enemies, but just as these two prove, when you take away all of the stereotypes that humans place on animals, friendships can form no matter the species.

If you’re looking to add a four-legged member to your family, please always adopt and never shop for one. By adopting a cat or a dog, you’re not only helping one of the 70 million homeless animals in the United States find a loving home, you’re also opening the door to a loving friendship to form, just like Loki and Okami’s. Be sure to share this sweet story with a friend!

Image source: HayleyHyrule/Imgur