The slender and bushy-tailed Grison may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you think about rescued wildlife. We have to admit, we had no idea what a Grison was before seeing a post from Kids Saving the Rainforest’s Wildlife Rescue Center … but once we did, we were absolutely smitten!

On Facebook, the wildlife rehabilitation center explains that Balu was brought in for rehabilitation, likely after being found injured or orphaned in the wild. The primary goal of this organization is to help animals return to the wild, so they have been doing their best to care for this little one.


While there isn’t much information about Balu or how he came to the rescue, you can tell that he is very eager to hear about his progress in this image.

And Kids Saving the Rainforest’s Wildlife Rescue had some great news for him! He just leveled up from nursery to rehabilitation – which means he is one step closer to being released back into the wild. Now that is one happy Grison!


While we must admit, Balu’s reaction to this news wasn’t likely as animated as these photos portray – after all, we’re pretty sure that Grisons don’t speak human – but the sight of this happy animal getting to return to the wild is nonetheless adorable.

Thanks to the hard work of caretakers at the rescue, orphaned, injured, and sick animals can finally get a second chance at a life in the wild. Little Balu might be awfully cute, but his proper place is the natural environment where others of his species reside. We are thrilled to see an organization to work so hard to give wildlife the sort of life they truly deserve – a wild one.

To learn more about Kids Saving the Rainforest, click here.

All image source: Kids Saving the Rainforest/Facebook