Is there anything more wonderful than the sight of farm animals going about their daily lives, on their own terms, knowing that they are free from the threat of human interference? The video above, posted by the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary (HEEFS) in Ontario, Canada, is truly a treat for sore eyes. The animals featured in the clip – horse Escalade, burro BJ, and cows Pouty Face and Jasmine – are obviously enjoying themselves as they run around their shared field together! Their antics are sure to bring a smile to your face.

HEEFS was founded because of one amazing animal – the Internet legend Esther the Wonder Pig – who caused her dads, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, to go vegan after they brought her home in late 2013, believing she was a “mini-pig.” In reality, this sassy girl was a full-sized commercial pig  … and she had a thing or two to teach her new human friends (chief among them, the fact that one does not simply keep a lady waiting for her breakfast!).

Steve and Derek said, “We have always been animal lovers, or so we thought anyway, but we were forgetting a few. Commercial farm animals are no different than our typical household pets. The only difference is perception. Esther made us realize the suffering and pain we inflict on these poor animals for our selfish wants … It’s time to wake and up and realize what we’re doing.”

If you have not yet been infected by the magic of Esther – commonly referred to by fans as “The Esther Effect” – why not check out her Facebook page today? You can also follow the adventures of her farm animal friends by keeping up with the HEEFS page.