An elephant’s size may be impressive and their skin much thicker than ours, but that does not mean that they don’t get cold too! Several of these beautiful animals living at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, recently received a gift to help them fare the cool weather. Now, the ellies are strolling around covered with their wonderful new blankets – which are not only warm but also very dashing!

The senior elephants have the most trouble in the cold, so they received these gifts with much joy!


They are visibly comfortable in their new outfits and happy to be sporting them.

Thanks to the colorful handmade blankets, the animals are warm and can enjoy their days outside even when it gets really chilly.



The lucky residents of the park do not need to worry about the cold winds, as their backs are well covered. Their new accessories have also made quite an impression on animal lovers liking and sharing the photos. Some of the kind commenters even offered to make more blankets for the elephants themselves! Many of these elephants were rescued from lives in captivity as working elephants, making their new found joy and comfort all the more incredible.

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All image source: Elephant Nature Park/Facebook