Here in the U.S. we’ve gotten our share of bizarre winter weather this year. From icy storms to extreme blizzards in November, planning for the unexpected has become second nature for many of us. But it looks like we aren’t the only ones experiencing some odd weather events!

Thailand is known for having a very warm and humid climate, but they have been experiencing a bit of a cold spell recently. To illustrate how the cold weather has been affecting the rescued elephants at Elephant Nature Park, founder, Lek Chailert, posted a photo of some of the elephants cuddling round a fire to warm up.


She explains that the older elephants are taking the cold particularly hard and have been shivering, the babies can cozy up to their mothers or nannies to keep warm, but the oldest members of the herd remain susceptible to cold. Upon seeing these cold elephants, two of the sanctuary’s followers, Teresa Bradford and Gert Zagler,  contacted the Goat Coat Shop, in New York and arranged to have seven massive blanket coats sent for the adult elephants.

On behalf of the happy elephants, Lek writes on Facebook, “Thank you for the warm hug with this blanket.” Not only do the elephants look wonderful, but they are now fully prepared for whatever strange weather this season throws at them.

You can make a donation to the elephant coat drive by sending any amount to [email protected] via PayPal and specifying that the money is for the Elephant Nature Park. Then contact Gert Zagler on Facebook to make sure they’ve received your contribution!

In Thailand, elephants are often targeted for the tourism trade or killed for their ivory by poachers. Elephant Nature Park provides a safe haven for elephants who have fallen victims to these sad practices. The incredible work being done by Elephant Nature Park extends far beyond keeping their elephants warm. To learn more, check out their website and Facebook page.


All image source: Elephant Nature Park/Facebook