From trapped in a duckling production factory with no way out to living on a farm with a new adopted mamma, this baby duckling is the luckiest duckling on the planet.

On Imgur, the boyfriend of the woman who saved the duckling explains that the little duck was saved from the French factory-farming facility where his girlfriend worked. She had taken the job temporarily to help pay for a plane ticket. The facility was about as horrible as one could imagine and her main task was to laser cut duckling’s beaks and vaccinate them for mass production. According to the Imgur user who uploaded the story, his girlfriend’s coworkers had been entirely desensitized by the experience and some even killed the ducks for fun.


Everything changed, however, when this woman came across a ducking who had escaped from the facility and was found waddling around the parking lot outside. Seeing her chance to do something kind for one of these poor creatures, she scooped him up and brought him home.

This sweet duckling was very lucky to find a compassionate home. According to Imgur, the woman who saved the duck lives in the countryside of France of and has a number of chickens who live freely on her land. The duck would fit right in with its new feathered friends.

 One of them is a true mother hen who loves nothing more than to nurture others. So, she thought this chicken would make a great foster mom for the new little duckling. 


This duckling’s story is a cogent one. It draws attention to the plight and suffering of millions of ducks who are made to suffer and are killed every year for their flesh. In France, where foie gras, or duck liver, is considered a cultural delicacy, the cruelty endured by these intelligent and sensitive birds is overlooked in the name of refined taste. This duckling’s mother was assuredly one of the 31 million ducks killed all over the world every year for their flesh — leaving this poor, sweet baby an orphan. Thankfully, this sweet baby will never have to know a life of pain or suffering and will be well cared for by his new foster mom and human caretaker.


For at least one factory-farmed duckling headed for a grisly death, the future is brighter with a new mom and a new home.


If we could all learn to look upon animals with the same compassion and kindness, the world would be a much happier place.

Enjoy your new life, ducky!

All image source: Imgur