Rocky Ridge Refuge founder Janice Wolf has been dealing with a lot lately. Though she was diagnosed with cancer late last year, she always puts the animals first. Over the last couple of weeks, she has been caring for a very special Bull Terrier named Hawthorne. Hawthorne came to Rocky Ridge Rescue after being hit by a car and suffering severe damage to his rear legs. He recently had surgery that will greatly improve his condition, but he has had to stay separated from the other animals. Needless to say, he’s been in need of a four-legged friend and Janice just rescued the perfect roommate for him – a newborn lamb!

Janice reports that she found the sweet lamb posted on a livestock page. No doubt that this baby ended up in the best hands possible.

The lamb is actually a triplet but needed to be bottle fed. Janice and her canine helper Hawthorne will make sure he grows up big and strong. Look at how gentle and curious Hawthorne is!

This is certainly the start of a beautiful friendship.


Rocky Ridge Refuge is an animal sanctuary located in North Arkansas that rescues animals in need, regardless of species or situation. From capybaras, zebras, miniature horses, farm animals, turtles and more, the rescue has as many as 60 animals in its care at any given moment.

To stay up to date on Hawthorne’s recovery and the lamb’s progress, check out their Facebook page. To help Rocky Ridge Refuge rescue more animals, make a donation here.

Image Source: Rocky Ridge Refuge/Facebook