Before he was rescued by Beauties and Beasts in Wichita, Kansas, TJ spent every day of his life on a chain. The five-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix was so desperate to free himself from this confinement that he would methodically chew on his chain. He did this for so long that he basically gnawed his teeth away. When Beauties and Beasts finally pulled sweet TJ from life in the shelter, he had an injured leg, his feet were raw, and he weighed just 37 pounds. It was clear that life up until that point had not been easy for this dog. Thankfully, they were able to turn his life around by finding him a foster or forever home he so much needs.

TJ has already waited 222 days for a home. After life on a chain, he at least has people who care for him now, but he still spends his days locked in boarding, craving human interaction …

The pup gets a lot of love from the volunteers, but he needs and deserves a real home.

As the rescuers write, TJ has every reason to feel defeated – but he does not. Instead, he is full of excitement and hope, “all tail wags and happy smiles.”


Now that he is out of the shelter and knows what freedom is, TJ is even sweeter. He loves sniffing the fresh air, exploring, climbing, and playing. “He absolutely flourishes around people,” rescuers say.


TJ’s caretakers believe he would be happiest as the only animal in the home. A lifetime of living on a chain next to other dogs while starving tends to leave a mark forever. “So he’ll prefer the humans all to himself, thank you very much,” the team writes.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering TJ, apply via the rescue’s website.

All image source: Beauties and Beasts, Inc./Facebook