Furever Bully Love Rescue has a sorry story to share about a beautiful girl named Pixie.

Pixie was adopted from Furever Bully Love Rescue as a puppy after her adopters provided backgrounds and references proving themselves to be suitable for raising a dog. We understand that changes in circumstances happen, and unfortunately, Pixie’s former owners decided that she was an inconvenience.


Pixie was dropped off at the rescue without a word and abandoned for a second time. How Pixie’s heart must be breaking trying to understand what she did wrong, when she did nothing wrong at all.

Pixie is a sweet, affectionate girl, and it appears the only thing wrong with her is the fact that the people who took her into their care neglected to provide her with any kind of training. Pixie was forced into a muzzle far too small for her in an attempt to stop her barking, instead of training her not to. This muzzle has caused a permanent indentation on Pixie’s face.


When Pixie was returned to Furever Bully Love Rescue, she came without any records of veterinary treatment, so the rescue had no idea what, if any, vaccinations this poor little girl had received. But she is healthy, and all she needs, aside from a loving forever home, is someone who will take the time to train her properly. We wish you well, Pixie, and can’t wait to hear about your perfect forever home!

We will always advocate for adopting dogs over buying them from stores, but like any pet, an adopted dog needs your love, care, and attention, and you cannot just discard them when you feel like it. Dogs cannot train themselves to fit in with your lifestyle, and they cannot be the obedient pets you want unless you put in the effort yourself. Pixie’s story is one we hope doesn’t get repeated, these dogs deserve all the love and kindness in the world.

Furever Bully Love Rescue is a non-profit based in Florida that has been helping rescue dogs by finding them new homes for many years. Their dogs remain a part of the Furever Bully Love Rescue family long after they are adopted. If you are considering adopting a dog or are able to donate to help this organization continue its incredible work, please get in touch.

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All Image Source: Furever Bully Love Rescue