Despite their charm and amazing personalities, disabled animals are often written off as hopeless cases. The folks at Storybook Farm-Sacred Animal Garden, a sanctuary for disabled and special needs animals, however, know that when disabled animals are given a chance to live and thrive – as every animal should – they prove to be truly remarkable and resilient!  Time and time again, these rescuers have seen animals come in with serious conditions, but with a little love and care, there’s nothing a disabled animal can’t do!

Just check out the story of Andrew Morris, Andy, the Dachshund. He’s the youngest resident at Storybook Farm-Sacred Animal Garden, and just recently got a set of wheels to help him get around on his own. Watch him in action!


 On the very special day, one of Andy’s caretakers described what it was like to watch him walk. “It made my heart smile (and brought tears to my eyes) to see this courageous little guy up on his paws for the first time in his very young life.”

Andrew’s new digs allowed him to get up on his paws for the very first time! Those around him were so proud!

The little cutie showed off his brand new wheels at an event called Dachshunds in Paradise.

After trotting around for a bit, Andrew settled down for a little nap in his brand new bed. We’re sure he was back up and running in no time! 

Thanks to kind people who recognized the potential of all beings, disabled or not, Andy was given a chance to thrive. The happy smile on this pup’s face is just further proof that animals with disabilities are anything but broken! If you would like to support Storybook Farm-Sacred Animal Garden click here.

All image source: Storybook Farm-Sacred Animal Garden