All it takes is one rev of the tractor’s engine and Holly Marie the cow comes running to her family. Holly Marie is a very special cow who is an important part of her family. While others in the world view cows as food or a commodity, Holly Marie is seen as an intelligent, feeling creature who deserves peace and love — like we all do.

Holly Marie’s mother died giving birth to her. That’s when her new, human mama, Shannon Flowers, stepped in to help. She bottle fed the calf for several weeks until, eventually, she and her husband took the cow home as their own. The cow and her family have stuck together through her battles with pain and diseases, like cancer. They’re still going strong today!


Now, Holly Marie has her own farmhouse bedroom equipped with pictures, furniture, and a little music box she can push with her nose. Her family couldn’t possibly love her more, proven, again, by the fact that her dad built her house completely from scratch.

Unfortunately, most cows don’t get the fun, loving life that Holly Marie has. Cows on dairy and meat farms live lives filled with little other than darkness and pain. Here’s to hoping people see Holly Marie and begin to understand that cows are just as sweet, smart, and lovable as any house dog or cat… and start treating them as such.