We see examples all the time of how animals are just like us! When we see dolphins or elephants showing compassion or love for one another, we think of those behaviors as being analogous to our own. While we might not be physically similar to dolphins or elephants, when it comes to animals like chimps, the similarities are undeniable.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is the home of seven chimpanzees including the gorgeous girl in this video, Jamie. Jamie is the bold leader of the group and according to her caretakers, she is the most likely to try out new tools. Here we can see her using spoons and cups to drink exactly like a person would! (And – she has better table manners than most people…)


Seeing this sweet chimp have a tea party, we can’t help but wonder why we still subject these animals to biomedical testing or life in circuses and zoos.

Thankfully, there are places like Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest that are giving chimps a better life. To see more from the rescued chimps at this sanctuary, check out this video.