Igor is a black, two-year-old cat who was rescued from the streets by Joseph’s Legacy. She is quite unique, her tail is little and stubby and her eyes seem unlike any others, but that does not make her any less of a sweet kitty.

The kitty’s “googly” eyes, as Igor’s carers call them, are a birth defect. Although they do not function properly, the cat can still see. Her unusual tail could also be something she was born with – or might have been lost along the way. Igor was also recently fixed and has a little scabby ear tip.


The one issue she hasn’t overcome is a recently broken leg, which is hindering her progress.

The kitty was incredibly fortunate to be found at all – with the broken leg, it is very hard for her to walk.

She is now on pain medication, received treatment for fleas and parasites, had her ears cleaned, and all the annoying burrs that had been stuck to her side were shaved.

Joseph’s Legacy team writes that Igor’s eys are “a little crazy but also beautiful at the same time.” Check out the video of her below:


The necessary surgery means that this lovely cat also needs funds towards the procedure. Igor and her carers will appreciate all help the kitty receives from those who are able to offer it. If you want to find out how you can donate towards her medical care, click here.


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All image source: Joseph’s Legacy/Facebook