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Just like humans, baby animals aren’t born with any preconceived notions of other species, innate discrimination, or prejudice. Before parents are able to step in and warn them of predators and who to stick around, babies are filled with nothing but curiosity about the world and those around them. In the safe havens of sanctuaries and wildlife care centers, animals from all different species are able to interact together and sometimes even become friends. We’ve seen farm animals like pigs and cows play with domesticated creatures like dogs and cats. We’ve seen friendships develop between giant dogs and tiny animals like ducklings. And we’ve seen families who have a ton of different species all living in harmony under one roof.

While many of these interspecies friendships begin in sanctuaries and wildlife care centers, that doesn’t mean that they are forced. Many times, the creatures have both had difficult pasts, were abandoned or abused, or are orphans. So, it’s not really much of a surprise that these sweet, innocent animals find comfort in each other.

At the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit in Ireland, for instance, a darling rabbit and pigeon have become the best of friends. The rabbit, named Bunny, and the pidgeon, named Pidge, arrived at the center on different days in August, but were brought together by fate when both required the use of the sole incubator in the center. Both babies were placed in the incubator and separated by a wall. When the caretaker returned to check up on them, the divide had been taken down and the animals were snuggling up lovingly.

From that moment forward, the snuggles have continued and a beautiful friendship between Pidge and Bunny blossomed.

 Both have required their own unique treatment and care, but in the downtime, they play together. No matter how many times Bunny hops on Pidge, the little bird is not fazed! That’s love.


They both have grown quite a bit, but their friendship remains stronger than ever. They will both eventually be released to the wild, but for now, they get to enjoy the sweet, sweet companionship they have found in each other. 



In addition to being absolutely adorable, interspecies friendships like Pidge and Bunny’s, reminds us of the kind nature that all animals are capable of. Despite their different exteriors, these animals are able to deduce that they all have similar desires to eat, play, and simply live. And because of these common desires, they are able to not only coexist with each other but also form a loving bond. Let these animals serve as a beautiful reminder that friendship knows no bounds, not even species.

All image source: Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit/Facebook