Bullfighting is a cruel form of entertainment, to call it a sport or even a fight is a misnomer. In the days leading up to the event, while the matador is eating well and resting, the bulls are locked into tiny boxes where they are beaten, starved, and even drugged in preparation. Before a match, they have Vaseline rubbed in their eyes to impair their vision, stripping away their ability to defend themselves. After leaving this sad existence, they will be sent to slaughter.

There is a huge misconception that bulls used for fighting are aggressive, naturally angry animals. However, if you take a look at the bull in the video above … this hardly seems to be the case. This sweet bull was saved from the fighting industry and from the way he snuggles up to the man who saved him, he seems incredibly happy to be finished with this sort of life.


The good new is that the tide of public sentiment is turning. In Spain, where bullfighting is a tradition, over 90 percent of the Spanish people disapprove of the public bloodbath. With attendance dwindling, tourists now make up a large portion of the audience. People are beginning to understand, that bulls are not the savage, aggressive animals that they have been made out to be. Hopefully, awareness is shifting and people are starting to realize that animals have feelings too.

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