Brace yourselves, Green Monsters, we have some pretty infuriating news for you. Two kittens who were dyed green and blue were recently rescued by Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens, a Yorkshire animal sanctuary in the UK. The fact that some cruel person had dyed the kittens might seem preposterous enough, but that is only the tip of the horrific iceberg. According to rescuers, these kittens were being used as bait for an underground dogfighting ring. They were “color coded” so that the attendees of this depraved sport could bet on which animals would be killed first by the dogs.

In an interview with The Yorkshire Post, Sanctuary owner Katie Lloyd said, “This is not just a couple of idiots coloring in kittens. This is serious barbaric cruelty. If these kittens were not rescued I am sure they would have been dead within an hour of two.”


Thankfully, the police broke up the ring before any such thing could happen. Understandably, when the kittens came into the shelter, they were in a terrible state. Both had been colored with marker pens and as a result were itchy and covered in rashes from the toxins. They were lethargic and shell-shocked, clear evidence they had experienced untold stress.

Once in the care of the sanctuary, the cats were given proper medical care and bathed – three times! So far the color has started to fade, but can still be noted around their little faces. They have since been named Smurf and Shrek.

Lloyd and her team are appealing for funds to help them cover the cost of care for these kittens. The hope is to find a loving forever home for these babies once they are strong enough. After the horror they’ve endured, they certainly deserve a life filled with love and snuggles!

To make a donation to help Shrek and Smurf, click here.


All image source: Ross Parry Agency