When embarking on a set of long weekend activities, not many of us probably expect to take part in a rescue mission – let alone a sea turtle rescue mission. But that is exactly what happened on Memorial Day weekend on the Delray Beach in Florida to Bryan Rydzewski and Will Vacha, who found a big loggerhead sea turtle lying on the shore, entangled in twine.

As reported by Sea Turtle Adventures, the turtle was visibly distressed and in need of help. Fortunately, the animal was encountered by people who were more than willing to help!


Bryan and Will removed most of the twine. Unfortunately, it turned out that the turtle was enveloped much more seriously – the twine was wrapped deeply around one of the flippers.

Since the turtle required further treatment, it was transported to the rehabilitation facility at Friends of Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. The Gulf Stream Police Department also assisted with the rescue.

Entanglement is relatively common among sea turtles that swim up north to hunt. Sadly, this is caused by aquatic pollution that marine animals simply cannot escape…



Luckily, this loggerhead, however, got a happy ending. Thanks to the priceless help from the two passersby, the animal is now again in the safety of the ocean, and back on a mission to fill its belly!

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All image source: Sea Turtle Adventures/Facebook