Animal lovers are a special breed of people. They are the ones who can’t help but point out (with a big “aww”) every puppy that passes by, the ones who treat their pets like their own babies, and who would go above and beyond for an animal in need. Sadly, not everyone is an animal lover at heart, and some animals end up under the care of some grossly irresponsible and cruel individuals. When someone doesn’t care about the well-being of the animals in their possession, things can get really bad, really fast. Sometimes that means that animals are forced to live in dirty squalor, in a state of hunger, or in the worst case scenario, on the brink of death.

Recently, the animal rescue group, Redemption Road Rescue, located 25 horses, most of them miniature-sized, who were close to starvation. The group had clearly been severely neglected and were suffering physically from it.

The protruding bones on the mini horses show how malnourished they were. They clearly hadn’t had an adequate meal in a while… 

The horses also seemed emotionally drained, their eyes a peek into the anxiety that surely flooded their bodies day in and day out. 

 One horse was even found with his ankles tethered together. The rescuers admit they were completely devastated at the sight. 

The horses that were lucky enough to have a bit of pasture to roam on are expected to make a full recovery. Those who were kept in small sheds have started a vigorous refeeding program.

Sadly, one of the horses died before the rescue team arrived. This made it all the more urgent to get the rest of the group to veterinary care as quickly as possible. 

As one of the rescuers commented on the rescue’s Facebook page, “their environment and condition was so deplorable the only respite was that we were removing them to safety and veterinary care.”

These horses are very lucky that they were found before it was too late. 

Thankfully, there will likely be much happier days ahead of them. 



As animal lovers, seeing the images of these weakened and starving horses is close to unbearable. We are incredibly happy, however, that these kind individuals swooped in in the knick of time to save the day. According to Redemption Road Rescue’s Facebook page, this was the largest rescue that they’ve had to date. While they are ecstatic that they were able to save the lives of these sweet creatures, they also point out that providing veterinary care, food, and shelter for 25 mini horses is quite costly. If you’d like to consider donating to their cause, click here.

All image source: Redemption Road Rescue/Facebook