To say that the rescuers from Hope for Paws have seen a lot is an understatement. This amazing team specializes in rescuing and rehoming homeless dogs in the Los Angeles area. While they are incredibly skilled and talented at what they do, there is no question that every new rescue mission is a serious challenge.

Just take the rescue of Veyron the Pit Bull, for example. This sweet pup was living right near to a steep overpass next to a busy freeway in the city and had managed to evade rescuers for weeks. Despite his size and stature, this dog was terrified of all of his surroundings making it very difficult for anyone to get close to him without fear that he would dart into oncoming traffic.


Thankfully, when Hope for Paws was called in to help, things started to turn around. Although the moments leading up to the rescue will have you on the edge of your seat, in the end it all goes as planned.

With his days scrounging for scraps and avoiding cars behind him, Veyron is now ready for a forever home! To learn more about adopting him, go to the Hope for Paws website.