Rescuing and rehabilitating animals is a huge part of any animal welfare organization, but another vital aspect we don’t hear about quite as much is their work to educate future generations. When Detroit Dog Rescue recently stopped by a resident’s home to check on their pet’s welfare, they took the time to help kids learn more about how to take care of animals.

Detroit Dog Rescue visited with a family that needed a helping hand in caring for their pet. 

The rescue used the opportunity to educate the children on proper care, licensing laws, and tips on teaching their dog “sit.” This is exactly the type of engagement it takes to make lasting impressions that will help change the future for animals.

Since the family dog is outside often, the rescue group taught the kids how to line the ground with hay to help their pup keep warm. Look how helpful these precious kids are. No doubt, animal advocates in the making!



This step in engaging young minds and hearts and showing them how to take proper care of animals will surely make a big impact on animal welfare. Through education and hands-on experience, children learn the importance of respecting all living beings.

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All image source: Detroit Dog Rescue/Facebook