When several calls were made about a fox wandering backyards with an arrow through her neck, Wildlife Aid’s rescue team quickly responded. Thankfully, the arrow had only pierced the scruff of her neck, leaving the injured fox frightened and mobile, lowering the rescue team’s chances of finding her. However, given their skill and expertise rescuing wildlife, they were able to spot the fox in no time.

Although she was injured, the fox was very fast and very tough to catch.

The fox managed to elude the rescue team until the arrow through her neck snagged on branches as she attempted to escape capture through some hedges. 

Once rescuers removed the arrow, the fox was taken to the rescue center for proper medical attention. Thankfully, the arrow caught only the scruff of her neck and did no life-threatening damage.

The little fox spent two weeks in the care of compassionate Wildlife Aid vets. After a lot of rest and TLC, she was soon ready for release.

Just as quickly as she sprinted into their lives, the healed fox darted back to the wild.



Although she made her capture difficult, rescuers never gave up on the chase. Her injury may not have been fatal, but it could have become infected if left untended. It’s thanks to their diligence and compassion that this fox was able to return to her home in the wild. To learn more about Wildlife Aid and what they do, you can visit their official website.

All image source: Wildlife Aid/YouTube