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It’s impossible to think of everyone’s favorite, wacky, four-fingered TV Family “The Simpsons” without thinking of co-creator Sam Simon, but it’s just as impossible to think of famous animal advocates without seeing his cheerful, smiling face in your mind’s eye. The tireless champion for animals passed away at 59 after a long battle with cancer, leaving behind a legacy of kindness that will be hard to match.

A lifetime of funny, a legacy of compassion.

In Touch Weekly

The seven-time Emmy award winner made headlines late last year when he decided to Donate his entire $100 million fortune to animals and hunger initiatives. With no heirs, he wanted to be able to see the good his money would be able to do before he passed, instead of leaving it in a will.

“I get to watch these animals that have been in concrete bunkers their whole lives take their first steps on grass,” he said of his decision to Donate the money during his lifetime, eagerly anticipating the animal liberations that were being planned due to his generosity.

The founder of the Sam Simon Foundation, whose work included programs for shelter dogs, Simon was no stranger to putting his money toward helping animals.

In 2012, he purchased a ship for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to aid in their work to stop illegal whaling off the coast of Japan and his good works only continued from there. He worked alongside PETA to purchase an injured racing horse in an effort to get him into a sanctuary, rescued two Himalayan Black Bears from a roadside zoo, and even purchased an entire chinchilla fur farm just so he could shut it down.

Helping to protect marine life, one new ship at a time.

Huffington Post

His actions during his lifetime made an incredible impact for animals and his enormous financial contributions will ensure that impact continues to be felt for years and years to come. Simon was a glowing example of how big of a difference one person can make and animal lovers everywhere will never cease to be grateful for all the work he did.

Sam Simon’s passing leaves the planet just a little less funny than it was yesterday. But, thanks to him, it has the chance of being a whole lot kinder. We and the scores of animals that you’ve helped thank you, Mr. Simon. You will be terribly missed.

“Sometime, when you least expect it, you’ll realize that someone loved you.” -Homer Simpson


Lead Image Credit: Pix 11