We all know what it’s like to return home after a stay away. There’s nothing like turning the keys into your front door after a long vacation or walking through your hometown after years of living elsewhere.

And turtles surely feel the same way. In this touching video, staff at Brevard Zoo release a sea turtle named “Wow” back into his natural home: the waters of Satellite Beach. As the water washes over him, all we can say is … “wow.” There’s something truly magical about watching this turtle slide into the gentle waves of the ocean.


This video reminds us that all animals deserve to be kept in the wild … not in captivity. Let’s join the staff in welcoming Wow back home!  If you’d like to help turtles like this happy fellow live the best life possible, you can start with your daily actions! To learn more about how you can help protect turtles and other marine animals, join One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign.