A tiny 10-day-old fawn was separated from his mom and nearly hit by a driver after wandering into the middle of a country road in Midsummer Norton, Somerset. The sweet baby deer was so shocked and frightened in his mother’s absence that the driver was unable to move him, so she called an animal rescue team who brought him to Secret World Animal Rescue Centre. (Though the driver had good intentions, Secret World manager Sara Cowen urges citizens not to touch or attempt to move wild orphans. It is best to call your local wildlife rescue for assistance.)

The rescue team tried to locate the mother with no luck. They nicknamed the fawn Bambi because his cute appearance and spotted markings reminded them of the Disney character.

Now the sweet fawn is safe at Secret World, dining on rose petals, hawthorn, willow, and dandelion, plus goat milk to replace the nourishment he would have received from his lost mother. In five months, he should be ready for release into the wild where he can be a normal deer.

Image source: public-domain-image.com