Thanks to creative innovators in the food and restaurant world, plant-based cuisine has seen a shift away from the stereotype of “rabbit food” toward an elevated status of gourmet fine dining. Restaurateur and popular bar owner Ravi DeRossi, who runs 15 establishments in New York City, made plans to make all of his concepts vegan a few years back. And now he is opening a plant-based restaurant with sushi and dim sum on the menu!

The restaurant, called Fire and Water, will open later this year and be designed with a glass wall separating two areas. One space will showcase a sushi bar with omakase and sake menus surrounded by minimalist decór. The other side will have a louder, more colorful ambiance and feature dim sum cart service and beer, wine, and cocktails.


Fire and Water will be located in the East Village at 111 East 7th St., adjacent to DeRossi’s vegan tapas restaurant called Ladybird. He also has plans to open another location (in Brooklyn) for plant-based fine-dining restaurant Avant Garden.

Asian-inspired plant-based cuisine seems to be trending lately, with vegan chef Matthew Kenney recently opening up a Japanese-inspired plant-based restaurant in New York City called Arata.

In changing stereotypes of what vegan food is, entrepreneurs and chefs like DeRossi and Kenney are drawing in diners who may not typically opt for vegan food and changing their minds about what can be made with plants. This is wonderful news considering the negative impact industrialized animal agriculture has on the health of the planet and people – not to mention animals too!

If you want to hear more about Ravi DeRossi’s mission to take over the NYC food scene with plant-based cuisine, check out his recent interview on the #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast!


To learn more about how you can benefit the planet with your food choices, check out the Eat for the Planet book!


Image Source: Pixabay