While most of the amazing animal rescue stories we share feature dogs and cats – these aren’t the only furry friends who need forever families! At Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, two baby rats, Beulah Bell and Miss Brisby, are waiting for their new best friend! The two remind their caretakers every day what intelligent and wonderful animals rats really are – and they are more than ready to be their adorable selves in their new forever home.

Both Beulah Bell and Miss Brisby are just three months old.

As their caretakers assure, they are “playful, sweet, and very curious” – that is, perfect little rats.

The cute pair is looking for the best possible forever home

And, hopefully, they are not going to wait much longer.



Animals of all shapes and sizes sometimes end up in need of human help – and, fortunately, there are organizations determined to provide them with exactly that. Beulah Bell and Miss Brisby have all their lives ahead of them and they cannot wait to spend them surrounded by great care and love.

If you are interested in being the one to adopt them, email [email protected] for more details. To learn more about Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, click here.

All image source: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue/Facebook