Looking for something to warm your hearts on these cold December days? Check out this video of a puppy surfing on his father’s back as they go for a nice swim on a warm sunny day. The video was posted on YouTube by America’s Funniest Home Videos, even though it’s more adorable than funny.

In the heartwarming short clip, it looks like someone doesn’t want to get his paws wet as he hitches a ride on his father’s back. The father is obviously a stronger swimmer, as he powers right across the pool. The puppy leaps from one of the floats in the pool onto his father’s back like a cowboy jumping onto a moving train in an old western movie. Perfectly balancing on top of his  father, they head towards the edge of the pool. At which point, the puppy decides to gather his courage for one quick dunk in the water before getting out.


Although technically it’s not even winter yet, I’m sure our furry companions are missing the warm days by the pool right about now too!