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It is unbelievable what some people are capable of doing to innocent animals. The wonderful team at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came across a dying puppy with the worst case of mange they had seen, and the little pup desperately needed help to have a fighting chance at survival.

The puppy, who they named Penny, was found near death in a park in Dallas, Texas. The mange covering her tiny body was so severe, rescuers described her skin as “red, raw, and oozing pus.”

The approximately four-month-old puppy was rushed to an emergency vet earlier this week, where she is barely holding on to life.

The sweet little one looks like she can barely hold up her head and is clearly very afraid of the world. Surely, the Rescue Dogs Rock team are doing all they can to change this little one’s future and show her that people are kind and being a puppy is a wonderful thing.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC estimates the medical bills for Penny will add up to several thousand dollars, and they are asking for donations of any amount. To Donate, visit here.

Sadly, many dogs like Penny end up abandoned and meet the unjust fate of euthanasia. Each and every day, 5,500 dogs are euthanized in shelters across America. Add cats and other animals to the equation, and that number skyrockets even higher. You can help lessen this harsh reality by doing many things. For starters, make sure that when you bring an animal into your life that you are committed to taking care of them for their entire life. If you already have pets, make sure they are spayed or neutered to help control the pet population. And if you are looking for a new forever friend, always choose to adopt over shopping for one. If you cannot adopt, you can still save lives of shelter animals by fostering. Fostering not only takes an animal out of an often stressful shelter environment, but it also socializes and prepares them for their future forever home while clearing up space at the shelter or rescue for more animals. To learn more about fostering animals, visit here.

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