Phoenix the husky mix is aptly named. The five-month-old pup was found in Twin Cities, Minnesota in a dumpster … that had been set on fire. Thankfully, Clayton Van Wert heard the pup’s cries and followed them to a row of dumpsters, spotting the flames. He pounded on the side and heard howling coming from within. Quickly acting, he reached in and pulled the puppy out by his two front feet and called for help.

Puppy Rescued From a Burning Dumpster is Making a Stellar Recovery (PHOTOS)


“I don’t believe that he got into the dumpster on his own,” said Van Wert. “He had to be put in there … by a very, very sick person.”

Phoenix was taken to the Act V Rescue where he has been receiving excellent medical care for him numerous burns.

“It’s sad to see someone would do that,” stated Veterinarian Vickie Schulz with Act V Rescue. “I don’t understand it. I don’t understand it.”

Puppy Rescued From a Burning Dumpster is Making a Stellar Recovery (PHOTOS)


Vets also quickly noticed that Phoenix was severely malnourished. Either someone had been starving him or he was a stray and someone decided to abuse the homeless pup in this terrible manner.

“Most of his hair was charred … and his feet were very swollen on the left side, and he has significant burns on his knees,” said Schulz. “He either belonged to someone or is one of these pups that runs around from place to place and looks for food.”



Phoenix’s treatment is going to take a great deal of time, vets estimate around two to four months, and it will be incredibly expensive. In the few days that he has been with Act V rescue, however, he has already made significant progress and his adorable and sweet personality is starting to show.

The rescue group is currently working with police to find the person responsible for this incredibly cruel form of abuse.

“He came over to me, and he was just like there was absolutely no fear,” said Van Wert of the husky pup.

If you would like to donate for Phoenix’s medical expenses, you can visit the Act V Rescue website here. To follow his progress, follow Act V Rescue on Facebook.

Puppy Rescued From a Burning Dumpster is Making a Stellar Recovery (PHOTOS)


Get better soon Phoenix!

Image source: Act V Rescue/Facebook