This adorable pug puppy, Darcy Vader, is certainly confused by the little puppy statue her parents put out in their yard. She puts up a really ferocious fight. Or, at least she seems to!

As understandable as her animosity towards the fake puppy is (yeah, we saw that look on the statue’s face!), some dogs can develop fear and aggression towards inanimate objects. While Darcy is just being a playful lil pup, here if you notice your dog acting out strangely towards an inanimate object it could be related to a traumatic incident in the dog’s past. Or, sometimes dogs become afraid of novel objects that are new to them … and sometimes dogs just develop a sense of fear towards something for no discernible reason.


The goods new is, there are ways to try to combat a dog’s fear towards inanimate objects. The ASPCA has several helpful suggestions to counteract or completely avoid fearful or aggressive behavior in dogs, and how to help a dog cope when displaying submissive body language in reaction to fear.

While Darcy Vader might not be displaying fear towards the fake puppy out on the lawn, there are lots of things pet parents can do to help their dogs react appropriately around things that might scare them.