When most of us come across an injured animal, the first thing we want to do is reach out and help them. There are plenty of amazing sanctuaries and kind-hearted humans out there who are dedicated to ensuring that a traumatized animal gets all of the support they need to get better. But sometimes, the best animal nurses come in a non-human form!

This was the case for a four-month-old burro who was left for dead, with three broken legs, after a hit-and-run accident in Fortaleza, Brazil. Things were looking bleak for this sweet baby until he was discovered by local woman Zenith Gurgel. She named him “Guerreirinho” (translated to “little warrior”), took him back to her home, and began feeding him by hand.


Guerreirinho remains in excruciating pain after his ordeal.

He is totally helpless, and still unable to walk.

Luckily, the traumatized baby burro now has a friend who is determined to remain by his side until he gets well again. One of Gurgel’s dogs has been snuggling up to him every day in an attempt to bring him some comfort.

This loving pup knows that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

This pair is rarely separated from one another.

The pup’s presence is helping Guerreirinho to cope with his pain.


Gurgel has captured many of the heartwarming scenes between the pair on camera. Since the images were originally posted online, they have gone viral, helping her to raise enough money for Guerreirinho’s medical treatment. Although this brave boy still has a long way to go before he is ready to get back on his hooves again, the support of his human and non-human well-wishers will undoubtedly help him to get there. Best of luck, Guerreirinho!

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All image source: Yahoo News UK