The Arrow Fund is a nonprofit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky that funds medical treatment for abandoned and injured animals. They recently came across an abandoned puppy, and the little gal’s story will break your heart.

Named Freya by rescuers, the puppy was found in a duffel bag in the woods where she was left to die. Rescuers were shocked to see both of her front paws missing and a broken back leg caused by blunt force trauma.


Thanks to a welcoming foster family, Freya has been receiving extra TLC to help aid in her recovery and rehabilitation, which will include physical therapy and possibly prosthetics for her front paws as she grows.

At first, rescuers thought Freya was too young for the femoral head osteotomy (FHO) surgery needed to repair her back leg, but they reported she was in too much pain, so she received emergency surgery.

Here’s the little pup resting after surgery. 

Her sweet face and personality are winning over hearts left and right, with many people already inquiring about adopting her.

She may be tiny, but Freya’s will and determination are strong. Here she is just one day after surgery, looking light years better than when rescuers first found her.


The Arrow Fund is asking for donations to help Freya have the best chance at a full recovery. To make a donation, visit The Arrow Fund Facebook page here or their website here.


Take this touching story as a reminder of all the deserving abandoned animals who are in need of a loving, nurturing, forever home. If you are considering adding a new animal companion into your life, visit your local shelters and rescues’ adoption events to find your perfect match. Not ready to adopt? As in the case of Freya, foster parents are key to a successful recovery for abandoned animals. By fostering, not only are you providing an abandoned animal with a comfortable and safe home environment, but you are also helping ease the burden on overcrowded shelters and rescues and allowing them to have more space to rescue more lives. To learn more about fostering, visit here. And for tips on fostering puppies and kittens, in particular, visit here.

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All Image Source: The Arrow Fund/Facebook