Dogs are undoubtedly one of our favorite types of animal companions. They are endlessly loyal, always willing to go the extra mile to put smiles on our faces, and no matter what they are a constant source of unconditional love. Yet, despite our affinity for dogs, there are still millions of homeless pups living on the streets across the U.S. The good news is that there are many kind individuals and organizations working to rescue and rehome stray dogs – one of which, is L.A.-based Hope for Paws.

When the Hope For Paws team got a call about a puppy living behind a dumpster they assumed it’d be another easy rescue. After all, they deal with stuff like this all the time, right?


This is Ginnie. She was found living behind a dumpster all by herself.


Street life is hard enough for full grown dogs, but Ginnie was just a puppy. She was tired, cold, and just a day or two away from getting sick. She needed to be rescued right away.

Ginnie may have been exhausted, but her fear of humans gave her a burst of energy. The first few attempts to get the leash on her were unsuccessful…

…but the people at Hope for Paws are pros! It wasn’t long before they had her relaxed and swaddled in some comfy blankets courtesy of Disney Blanketeers Donna Learned and Sonja Ferris.

The first thing they did after they rescued Ginnie was giving her a much-needed bath. You can see some of her energy was starting to come back!

Ginnie needed to go to the hospital for vaccines and an examination. But hospitals aren’t just for healing physical wounds. This is Ginnie in the relaxation room at the animal hospital. Thanks to this calm setting Ginnie is making an effort to bond and connect.

When we first say Ginnie, she was really afraid of people. But she slowly started to come around. Here she is cuddling up to Stephanie from Hope for Paws just a short while after her rescue!

After her trip to the hospital for some much needed medical work, Ginnie began living at her new foster home.

Ginnie currently lives with Masumi Hara, the trainer for Doggies 911. She’s still afraid of new people, but she’s been improving day by day. Please share this article to spread the word about this rescue and help her find a good home.

Ginnie is an awesome dog with a bright future. We know that she’ll find her forever home in no time flat!

All image source: Hope for Paws/Flickr