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The story of a puppy who died on a United Airlines flight after being forced in the overhead compartment has quickly gone viral and sparked public outrage.

The 10-month-old French Bulldog puppy named Kokito was traveling in a TSA-approved carrier alongside his guardian Catalina Robledo and her two children. Before takeoff, a flight attendant demanded Kokito be stored in the overhead compartment since the bag was reportedly extending into the aisle. Despite Robledo explaining there was a dog in the bag, the flight attendant still insisted he be stored like luggage. Witnesses say they heard Kokito barking for the first two hours of the flight, but then the barking stopped. Due to turbulence, the dog’s guardians could not check on him mid-flight, and after landing, they discovered Kokito had died.

United Airlines has since accepted responsibility for this tragedy, but this is not the first time an incident like this has happened on United flights. In fact, as a petition on Care2 points out, United Airlines is the second worst airline for traveling animals, with nine animal deaths and 14 injuries reported on their flights in 2016. They were also responsible for the death of Simon, the famous giant rabbit, last year.

It is apparent something must be done to change United’s animal policies so tragedies like Kokito’s never happen again. Please take a moment to sign the petition on Care2 demanding United make some serious changes to how they deal with traveling animals.

For tips on what to do when traveling with pets, check this out.

There is great power in public opinion, so please make sure to share this with your network to gain more support for this cause!
Buzz Petition

Image Source: Pixabay

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2 comments on “Puppy Died on United Flight After Attendant Forced Him In Overhead Bin — Demand Justice Now!”

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4 Days ago

I agreed, dr that your comment sounds racist as you almost assume the mother is illegal.I heard a report on the radio today about this after reading about it online. The flight attendant does seem to be at fault and if the woman could speak English-there was nothing about this in the report- she should never have let this happen. If the do\'s barking was that loud aI do not understand why no one did anything. Why did the passengers not speak up as well? United is paying for an autopsy but in the end if he had not been in that most inappropriate place he would not have died.What a horrid death for that poor pup.

dr thomas ambrosia
4 Days ago

#1 the mother may be an illegal ailen as she cannot speak english, when I heard her and her kid on the news this AM. The kid had to trasnslate. #1 Did the attendant know there was a live dog in that carrier. #2 if so, she violated Federal regs/laws and Uniteds policy. #3 the mother and daughter were dumber than dumb to allow their dog to be in the bin for 4 friggin hours.
The dog was barking for 2 hours, so no one complained, attendant did not check and tell the woman get your dog and keep it quiet. And of course the mother and daughter did nothing, the lil girl claims they were not allowed out of their seats due to turbulence. Amazing no one on that flights has audio/video of all of this.
I think if I was a judge, the attendant and the dogs owner should be charged with animal abuse for the dog could have been saved had the communicated properly and in ENGLISH, which we must make our official language once and for all.A short snouted dog in that overhead bin is going to breather heavier, raise his blood pressure and there is not that much oxygen in the bins. Again if it was my dog and someone told me put him in the overhead bin I would be off that plane in a damn hurry and if I could exit, trust me right after takeoff and leveling out my dog would be on my lap.
I think the dogs owner needs to be seriously checked out as to her legal status and if she cannot take care of a dog, what about the kids with her.
As for the attendant she needs to be fired, lose her pension and pay all damages in the death of this poor pup.

14 Mar 2018

#1 just because someone doesn\'t speak english doesn\'t mean that they are illegal. There are plenty of people (mostly older) living in America legally that mostly or only speak their native language. There are whole towns near me that most everyone in them speak something other than english and no they aren\'t all illegal! #2 article clearly stated that the attendant was told there was a dog in the bag, but even if she wasn\'t I think she would have figured it out when the dog began barking don\'t you?! Since this is not the first or only time an animal has been hurt or died because of the actions of this airline more than just the attendant should be punished for this.

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