We share a lot of sad stories about dogs who come into shelters in the worst states you can imagine. Well today, we’d like to give you some positive news instead. And thanks to our friends at Pennsylvania SPCA, we can!

Meet King, a Cane Corso aged around two years old who was rescued by the Humane Law Enforcement team in Pennsylvania earlier in the year.


Poor King was so emaciated on arrival that he couldn’t even stand on his own, and the Pennsylvania SPCA was not even sure he was going to survive. Here he is on a bed of blankets. The little one needed something soft to lay on since his bones were all protruding – plus he needed a little heat. 

Here is King receiving some essential fluids to help him recover from awful neglect. This poor boy weighed only around 50 pounds when he was rescued. 

Who could look into the eyes of this beautiful little boy and allow him to go hungry to the point of turning him into a skeleton?

When King could stand by himself, his appalling neglect was even more evident. This beautiful boy should never have been allowed to deteriorate into this state.


Anyway! We promised you good news…

King has made an excellent recovery, and after going through the fostering system of Pennsylvania SPCA, look how well he is looking now! And even more good news … he has been adopted! We wish you well, King!


Adopted dogs have lived through things some of us can never even imagine. King’s story is not unique, as there are so many stories we hear of dogs that are left to starve to death. You have to wonder what kind of person could do this to a defenseless animal and wonder if this is how they treat the people around them as well.

Pennsylvania SPCA works hard to fight animal cruelty and ensure that dogs like King get the love they need, as well as help to find their forever homes. If you are looking to adopt a dog, or are able to donate to help them continue with their vital work, please get in touch.

Image Source: Pennsylvania SPCA