Jim and Tim, the puppies, have not had an easy start to life. You would think that being adorable, fluffy puppies would allow them the love and affection they desire, but unfortunately, someone had other plans for these two pups. Last week, these two were found in a ditch on the side of the road … burned.

Thankfully, some good people have come into these pups’ lives. The two brothers were taken to the Valdosta-Lowndes Humane Society to undergo treatment. Tim, unfortunately, lost pieces of both ears as well as part of his tail to the burns. Both pups are now recovering well, though, and are finally getting to enjoy all the thrills of puppyhood in their foster home.


“They act like any other puppy,” says Nikki Nelson, the pups’ foster mom. “They’re not timid towards people or other dogs. They don’t act like they’ve had a lifetime, a short lifetime, of abuse.”

The Lowndes County Animal Shelter says it is still investigating this case. If the terrible people who did this are caught, they will be charged with animal cruelty. Animal cruelty offenders can face years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

The puppies are still undergoing treatment and will be getting neutered and up to date on shots over the next couple weeks. Then they will be ready to go to their forever home.

“We have been swarmed with people wanting to adopt them,” said Debbie Runker of the Lowndes County Animal Shelter. “We are taking applications for consideration.”


Jim (left) and Tim (right) did not have the easiest start at life. After suffering severe burns, Tim is left missing pieces of his ears and tail.

Thankfully, kind people have come together to take care of these two babies.

They will get to live out their days in a loving, caring home!

The Humane Society is scheduling meet-and-greets for Jim and Tim’s adoption. If you are interested in keeping up with these two adorable babies or wish to donate to their recovery, visit the Humane Society of Valdosta Lowndes County’s Facebook page or website.

All image source: Humane Society of Valdosta Lowndes County/Facebook