Get ready to fall head over heels! A dog named Beaux Tox was born with a facial deformity as a result of being squished in his mother’s womb with five other puppies and unfortunately, that resulted in him being constantly rejected by adopters. Despite his adorable personality and quick wit, Beaux Tox didn’t find love until dog lover, Jamie Huilt stepped in to save him.

“Because of his facial deformity, the people who were breeding couldn’t sell him. So they gave him away for free,” Jamie told the Dodo. Beaux Tox lived with a man for five years who neglected himself and left him outside. Local rescue groups tried to intervene, but with no luck. 


Jamie didn’t want Beaux to end up back in the shelter system, so she adopted him!

As a former foster child, Jamie understood the feelings of being bounced around and didn’t want that to happen to Beaux. 

Along with veterinarian Dr. Jay Rydberg, Jamie was able to save Beaux from a chronic case of heartworms. Today, Beaux has a clean bill of health!

Beaux spends his days with his brother, Riley, another Retriever. “Riley and Beaux absolutely love each other,” Jamie said


Beaux is living the life he deserves! “He’s so full of life. And he’s just brought so much to us,” said Jamie


Facial deformity or not, Beaux Tox is deserving of all the love and happiness in the world, just like any other dog. If you’re thinking of adding to your family, please always ADOPT from your local animal shelter. You’ll change the life of one lucky animal, not to mention help the animal shelter free up space for another animal. If you’re interested in more ways to get involved to help save animals, click here.


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Image Source: Beaux Tox/Instagram