There are approximately 70 million homeless cats and dogs currently living in the United States. Of them, about 10 million will find their way into shelters or animal control, where they will wait anywhere from days to months to get adopted. Statistically speaking, only a small percentage of the animals placed up for adoption will ever find homes and the likelihood diminishes even further for older animals or those with injuries or other difficulties. The odds are stacked against these animals, which is what makes Pyewacket’s story so amazing.

This special little pup was found as a stray by Contra Costa County Animal control and was later transferred to the Humane Society in Berkley, California.


By the time he came to be rescued by a kind Imgur user, living in Lake Tahoe, poor Pyewacket was suffering from kennel cough and an itchy skin condition that was causing his fur to fall out.

Adjusting to a new life can be difficult for an animal, especially if they have lived as a stray or in a shelter for a long time, but Pyewacket adjusted to his new home just fine! 

Over time, his skin condition improved and he looked like a whole new furball. Check out all that fur!

It turns out this feisty little pup is quite the adventurous dog, making him a great companion for this family’s outdoorsy lifestyle.

As Pyewacket shows, by taking in a shelter dog, you gain a grateful companion who is eager to show you how much they love you. If you are considering adding a four-legged member to your family, head down to your local animal shelter. Your new best friend is waiting!

All image source: anchovyhopkins/Imgur