A sweet little dog named Coal who was rescued by Friends of Emma (FOE) – based in Fort Worth, Tex. – is in desperate need of help. In late December, the organization was alerted to his heartbreaking story: he had been brought into a veterinary hospital in Midland, Tex., as a tiny four-week-old puppy who clearly required a great deal of medical attention. Staff at the hospital initially believed him to be suffering from hydrocephalus, as he presented with a very obvious fluid build-up inside his skull. Once this fluid had been drained, however, it was discovered that he had actually suffered a severe skull fracture.

The story of how Coal came to be in such a desperate condition is unclear. At first, the people who called the hospital claimed that he had been found on the side of a road, hit by a car. When they brought him in three hours later, however, they said that they “had him for a couple of days and he wasn’t doing well.” As Coal was being examined, the man started “showing photos of a litter of puppies that he has, to a client in the waiting area.”


As FOE put it, “we’ve really no idea what happened with this little guy – only that he is in desperate need of a full diagnostic work up and immediate treatment. He was to be euthanized at the hospital (but) the techs there made a plea for his life and went to work in search of a rescue plan for him – reaching out to us for help!”

Needless to say, the FOE staff were deeply moved by his story.

They quickly arranged for him to be transported to their shelter.

Despite overwhelming odds, this brave boy was determined to pull through … with lots of help from his dedicated human carers.

Everyone who came into contact with sweet Coal fell head over heels in love with him.

How could they not? Just look at that face!

A video detailing his progress can be found below.

FOE has set up a YouCaring page to help fund the cost of his care. A recent update to the page reported that Coal’s vision has still not returned, and carers are not entirely sure whether he can hear or not. Despite this, the plucky pup is said to be “doing very well considering the severity of his injuries. He ‘found his voice’ and we got a couple of sweet little yaps out of him yesterday.” They added, “He eats very well, sleeps peacefully, is beginning to play a little and LOVES his piggy! He can’t see it – but he always knows where it is! We continue round-the-clock medications, treatments and therapies, and are hopeful for continued positive progress.”

It is wonderful to hear that this adorable dog is on the mend. His fundraiser has currently garnered $3,525 out of its $4,600 goal. To help contribute toward the cost of his care, check out their YouCaring Page.

All image source: Friends of Emma/YouCaring