For those of us who have dogs, it is hard to imagine giving them anything short of our full attention and whole heart. Our sweet pups come in into our homes and become our life partners in no time at all. They fill our days with joy, love, laughs, and snuggles, and pick us up when we’re down. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not view pets in this manner, deeming them nothing more than a simple animal and depriving them of the care and attention they deserve.

When Clyde showed up to Trio Animal Foundation, it was immediately clear that he was a victim of this type of neglect from his guardian.


Clyde was forced to walk three miles behind his guardian on their bike, just to be given up at a shelter.

When he arrived, his hair was so matted over his eyes he could not see. It was clear that no one had ever taken proper care of him. 

Clyde was being given up because he lived in a basement. Now, his owner wanted to use their basement, and to them Clyde was just an inconvenience. 

Reeking of rodent urine, and with fur matted and hardened over his entire body, Clyde was lucky to be taken in by Trio Animal Foundation. Staff immediately began fervently working to groom Clyde and relieve him of his suffering. 


The emergency grooming lasted three and a half hours, and even then, staff could not remove the fur around his legs. 

Clyde was rushed to the vet, who had to carefully cut the fur away from his legs.

After seeing the vet, Clyde was a new dog! His sweet personality began to shine through…

…and he began his rehabilitation, finally getting the love and care he needed! 


Clyde even found a forever home, where he will never lack the love he deserves again.

Unfortunately, this type of neglect of pets is not uncommon. Though we will never understand those who adopt pets and refuse to care for them, there are things we can do to help these sweet, innocent creatures. Support your local shelters by donating supplies and your time. If you are suspicious a pet is being abused or lacks proper care, contact the ASPCA.

All Image Source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook