It’s like stealing candy from a baby, except the candy is a cookie and the thief is an adorable pug in this hilarious video. Whenever the baby goes for the cookie, the pug makes sure to get it back.

Perhaps the pug is presenting a life lesson of sharing to the new baby of the house. We learn to share our toys, our ideas, and eventually this develops into empathy and generosity but only if we experience what sharing is at a young age. However, instead of showing the baby how to share, the pug is showing the baby what not to do.


It’s all in good fun though, as the two interact on the carpet. If not a life lesson, maybe the pug is still a little upset that he isn’t the baby of the household any more and just doesn’t want the baby to take one more thing from his grasp. I’m sure this pug and the baby will soon mend their differences and be partners in crime, just not when it comes to cookies!