A secret list of companies that don’t want GMOs labeled has been released.


I-522 is Washington state’s GMO-labeling initiative, which would require foods with GMO ingredients to be labeled. Some food companies are so against GMO labeling that they’ll give thousands and even millions of dollars to block the initiative. And now we know exactly who these companies are.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association got caught violating Washington state election laws by running a money laundering slush fund, which was designed to conceal the identities of food companies giving money to block I-522.

After being discovered, the association established a Washington State political committee, Grocery Manufacturers Against I-522, and filed reports disclosing the source of all funds used in connection with the efforts to block GMO labeling in the state.

According to Prison Planet, the CEO of the GMA, Pamela Bailey, told donors in an email that their identities would be hidden from the public, so they wouldn’t have to face public backlash.


But now, these companies will surely face a backlash from the public.

As consumers, we deserve to know what’s really in our foods, so these companies who want to keep us in the dark deserve to be boycotted.

These companies are against GMO labeling and should be boycotted

The following are the companies who donated to the campaign to block the GMO-labeling initiative:

  • Soft drink manufacturers. The Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo, Inc.


  • Chocolate companies. The Hershey Co. and Nestle USA, Inc.

  • Cereal companies. General Mills, Inc. and Kellogg Co.


  • Canned food companies. Campbell Soup Co. and Del Monte Foods Co.

  • Agribusiness. Cargill Inc. and ConAgra Foods.

The rest of the companies:

Abbott Nutrition, Bimbo Bakeries USA, Bruce Foods Corp., Bumble Bee Foods, LLC, Bunge North America, Inc., Bush Brothers & Co., Clement Pappas & Co. Inc., The Clorox Co., Dean Foods Co., Flowers Foods, Inc., The Hillshire Brands Co., Hormel Foods Corp., The J.M. Smucker Co., Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc., Land O’Lakes, Inc. McCormick & Co., Inc, Mondelez Global, LLC., Moody Dunbar, Inc., Ocean Spray, Cranberries, Inc., Pinnacle Foods Group, LLC., Rich Products Corp., Shearer’s Foods, Inc., Sunny Delight Beverages Co. and Welch Foods, Inc.


Here’s a document from EatDrinkPolitics (PDF) that lists each of the companies with the amount donated.

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And be sure to share this list with others, so they can know which companies not to support with their money. Think about it like this: If every dollar is a vote, do you want to vote for companies who want to keep consumers in the dark?

Image Source: Thiery Ehrmann/Flickr