Darwin the Macaque monkey became quite the local celebrity in Toronto, Canada, when he was found wandering an IKEA parking clad in a diaper and faux-fur vest. The poor monkey was being kept as a pet – clearly by a rather careless guardian – but when he was discovered by local authorities this all changed. Darwin was taken away from his miserable life as a pet and brought to live at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland. This incredible sanctuary provides a safe haven for over two dozen monkeys who are former victims of the pet trade or the research industry.

Sadly, however, it looks like these two dozen monkeys, including Darwin, are in need of a new forever home because Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary is being forced to shut down.



According to Daina Liepa, a member of Story Book’s board, the sanctuary is being sold as part of a divorce proceeding and the former owners no longer wish to be responsible for the care of the animals. While this is a huge tragedy for the monkeys, Liepa is confident that the sanctuary’s existing volunteers and staff will be able to maintain the sanctuary – all they need is $250,000 to purchase a new space for the monkeys.


“There is basically no option for us other than to move on with these monkeys. We are the only primate sanctuary of its kind in Canada,” said Liepa.


A Tilt campaign has been launched to help raise funds for the new sanctuary. Thanks to the kindness of many generous strangers, the sanctuary has reached half of its goal, but there is only a month left before the official eviction!

Even Dr. Jane Goodall has lent herself to this extremely worthy cause. In a statement to the press, Goodall encouraged others to make a donation, saying:  “The monkeys need a new home. Even more important, they need money for a new home. In fact, they could use all kinds of help. Primates are our closest animal relatives. They deserve our help.”

You can help these monkeys by making a donation to this very worthy campaign by clicking here.

All image source: Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary/Facebook