Popular plant-based fast-casual restaurant Veggie Grill has been delighting hungry diners in a number of U.S. cities, and now New York City is about to get one of their own!

The new location will open in spring 2019 in the Flatiron District on 12 West 23rd Street. Diners can expect to find delectable 100 percent plant-based versions of their favorite comfort foods like cheeseburgers, fried chicken, and mac n cheese, as well as more health-conscious items like salads and bowls. Cakes, cookies, and flavored lemonades top off the meal and leave customers of all ages with smiles on their faces.


Veggie Grill serves up the world-famous Beyond Burger, a plant-based burger that “bleeds.”

In addition to their standard fare, they also have seasonal menus featuring nature-ripe produce, like the current fall menu shown here:

Veggie Grill’s salads are so pretty you’ll have to resist snapping a few photos before chowing down.


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We love restaurants like Veggie Grill that make plant-based eating delicious, convenient, nutritious, and interesting. In being 100 percent plant-based, diners can rest assured there is no cross-contamination with animal products in the kitchen. Veggie Grill is a prime example of where the future of food is headed — toward creative plant-based cuisine that goes far beyond steamed kale and quinoa.

Restaurants like these are not only good for our personal health, but for the health of the entire planet. To learn more about the environmental benefits of plant-based diets, check out the Eat for the Planet book!


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All Image Source: veggiegrill/Instagram