Recently, the Texarkana Texas Police Department responded to a call about a “vicious” dog. Officer Travis Frost arrived first on the scene to investigate, but there was one major problem: he found a lovebug American Bully named Gold!

 Officer Frost approached the dog carefully, just in case he was aggressive. He whistled at Gold and the sweet pupper wagged his tail and walked right over! 


Gold hopped in the patrol car and “just made himself at home,” the Texarkana Texas Police department shared on Facebook. So sweet!

Officer Frost took some snaps of Gold enjoying the patrol unit while the duo waited for an Animal Control officer to arrive. Gold’s story has since gone viral, with over 46,000 people sharing the police department’s post!


The Texarkana Texas Police Department shared a happy update about Gold: his guardian came and picked him up at the Animal Care & Adoption Center! Gold had a microchip, but unfortunately, the current guardian’s contact information wasn’t up to date in the system. Thankfully, Gold was still able to be reunited with his family, but his story offers an important reminder. If you have a microchip for your dog, please make sure that your current information with the company is up to date. This will ensure a faster reunion with your pup should they ever go missing!

Gold is an American Bully, which sadly, similar to Pit Bulls, remains largely misunderstood. Bully breeds are not naturally violent or aggressive dogs, but just like any other dog, can become that way through lack of training, abuse, neglect, and irresponsible ownership. If given the chance, bully breeds can become very loving companions, just like Gold.


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Image Source: Texarkana Texas Police Department/Facebook